Watercress is an annual plant of the cruciferous family. It is very easy to grow, grows quickly and withstands adverse weather conditions. It has abundant leaves with many slits gathered in rosettes. The stem appears somewhat early and branching, and produces white flowers and reddish seeds.

The cultivation of the Watercress is done exclusively for its leaves, which have a slightly caustic taste and stimulate the appetite, used for this as a kind of first-class spice.

The method of cultivating the Watercress is simple. It thrives in all soils. It is sown almost throughout the year – only during the summer the sowing must be done in the shade, so that they do not sow quickly. Therefore, in order to have a continuous harvest, the sowing must be done in stages, every 10 – 15 days.



Planting can be done outdoors with sun and indoors with lots of light, in pots or directly in the ground. It is watered frequently, avoiding drying out of the substrate between waterings. It is usually watered every 1-2 days in the summer and every 3 days the rest of the year.