Touch me not

Touch me not

The touchless mimosa is not just a green plant, it is a unique plant that comes to teach us that plants feel too! As you can see in our photo, mimosa is a short plant with green leaves and pink flowers. What makes the mimosa different from all the plants in the world is that as soon as it feels someone touching it, it immediately folds its leaves, even its small twigs! It is a miracle that we should all see up close and show our children. It’s a great gift idea that’s sure to impress!



Touch me not, the mimosa, it needs to receive sun daily. It requires about 8 hours of daylight and can tolerate sun to partial shade. Due to its light and temperature requirements, mimosa is most often grown indoors as a houseplant. Average room temperature, around 16-30 degrees Celsius, is ideal for mimosa. It can also be used as an outdoor plant, but with the required care!

Mimosa needs frequent watering to keep its soil moist. The mimosa itself shows us when it is needed and this happens as soon as the top of its soil begins to dry! But it needs attention! We want her soil to be constantly moist, but not for water to accumulate at the base of the pot because this can lead to root rot!

Ideal as a gift for young and old, especially for people who have never seen this plant in person or did not know of its existence. Mimosa produces beautiful pink flowers and seeds on its twigs which are very easy to replant. The touch me not, mimosa is a thorny flower of moderate growth, 30 to 80 cm tall.
Mimosa (scientific name Mimosa pudica = Shy Mimosa), is known by the common name of non-touchable mimosa, due to the unique property of its leaves to close and move downwards when something touches them!