Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet is a small, decorative plant, originally from Europe. Famous for the intoxicating scent of its purple and white flowers, it blooms late into winter and is surprisingly suitable for small gardens. Resistant to the cold and lively all year round, it can even be used as a ground cover, under rose bushes or ornamental shrubs.



It needs moderate watering, mainly in the hot summer months, but also in the first weather until it is established in a garden. It grows successfully in various types of soil, with different composition and varying acidity values, as long as they have good drainage. It has great resistance to cold, since it can withstand even -15°C. Maintenance/ Care- To extend its flowering period, we can regularly remove all wilted or dry flowers that appear. It is suitable for flower beds, borders, as a ground cover under roses and shrubs, low maintenance gardens, country gardens and relaxed style gardens.

Sweet Violet is a small, ornamental herbaceous plant, reaching a height of only 10 cm above the ground. Its broad and light foliage, made of loose, heart-shaped green leaves, forms a tufted layer over the soil, maintaining its vibrancy all year round. Its unique flowers, famous for their exquisite fragrance, appear in late winter or early spring, in intense purple or pure white. It likes sunny places or those with light shade and can be planted in places protected or free from all directions.