Sweet pea

Sweet pea

Sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus, Fabaceae) is a genus of perennial and annual climbing plants native to the south-eastern Mediterranean, Italy, southern France and Greece. The musk pea Lathyrus odoratus is a genus of over thirty perennial and annual aromatic climbing plants, and belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is an annual climbing or erect plant with a height of 60-180 cm and a width of 40-80 cm. The leaves are grey-green, oval 5-7cm long, some have been formed into tendrils for climbing the plant. The flowers of the plant are large, fragrant, butterfly-shaped and grow many together in groups. Creates a rich and deep root system.



It is a plant that needs moisture but also good drainage. It does not tolerate soils that are waterlogged and have permanent moisture. Musk pea needs regular watering at regular intervals. Ideally, drip irrigation is done, usually twice a week in the spring and every other day in the summer.

It is one of the plants that needs a lot of fertilizer and the addition of compost. We provide special organic fertilizer for flowering plants (1-2 times a month from April to August). It is also good to add compost often, when we plant it, in the spring as well as in the summer. Muscovy does not need pruning. It requires removal of dry foliage and cleaning of overripe flowers.