The Snapdragon, a favorite ornamental plant with wonderful flowers, is planted in the spring and is a characteristic plant of the Mediterranean, with rich vegetation. We will find Snapdragon in dwarf varieties from 20-40 cm, medium height from 40-60 cm and tall varieties from 60-120 cm. Although a perennial plant, it is usually planted as an annual in gardens and in pots on the balcony to give us rich flowering and impressive color combinations.



Snapdragon have significant water requirements and need frequent watering, every 2-3 days. Especially in the hot summer months, daily watering may be necessary for the Snapdragon. Regarding fertilization, Snapdragon that are planted in the ground have moderate requirements and will need fertilization every two months from spring to fall. For Snapdragon that we have in pots or planters, the requirements are greater, and you should fertilize them more often, with a liquid flowering fertilizer, once a month, from spring to late autumn.

Snapdragon thrive in full sun, although they can adapt and thrive even in shady areas. We plant Snapdragon in planting locations protected from strong winds, as they have a delicate flowering stem that can break, especially if not tied to a stake. We choose rich and fertile potting soil and ensure good drainage by placing a layer of gravel or pebbles at the base of the pot or planter. If we plant Snapdragon in a garden bed, incorporating compost and manure will help their growth.