Kochia venicum (Kochia scoparia) is one of the 80 species of kochia found in the warm regions of Eurasia. Its appearance resembles a small coniferous tree.

In XVII century after careful selection was introduced in the form of garden cultivation called kohiey volosolistnoy (Kochia scoparia var. Trichophylla). This thin, plant silnovetvistoe up to a meter and a width up to long, graceful narrow leaves 50-70 cm, densely covering the entire plant, and almost imperceptibly hiding flowers and fruitlets. Leaf color changes from light green in spring and summer emerald green to red and brown, pink to brown in autumn.



Seeds of this culture can be found in many seed companies under the names “Kohia”, “Trihofilla”, “Annual Cypress”, “Summer Cyprus”. Often, flower growers expect disappointment: the seeds do not harm.

What happens; The reasons can be two:

Seeds lose their germination very quickly – within a year, or even less. Therefore, try to buy them from well-known companies that use vacuum-packed bags (for example, aluminum foil, film, etc.), seed treatment with special substances to preserve and enhance germination. And, of course, pay attention to the manufacturing time of the purchased seeds indicated on the package.

Failure to meet the conditions necessary for seed germination. They need light: when sowing, do not cover the seeds deep in the soil – just cut the seeds and put the crop box in a bright place and cover loosely with paper or thin white covering material.