Florian Soil 5 Lt

Florian Soil 5 Lt

Planting soil with Vermiculite in a small package for easy transport!

The FLORIAN potting soil does not need a lot of water because it contains ingredients

that they retain the necessary moisture for the plants. Combines with

all FLORIAN fertilizers – foods, which are ideal for him

enriching the soil with the necessary ingredients for it

proper plant growth and health. The soil plants him

is renewed approximately every two years, while its completion

potting soil must be done in Autumn and Spring mainly.




We place it in a pot with special FLORIAN potting soil

plant with its ball of soil and add potting soil

until the pot is full. Water with a little water.


Fill the pot with FLORIAN soil, sow them

seeds or plant the bulbs and cover them with a little

still topsoil. Water and cover the pot with glass or

nylon by placing it in a shady place until the sprouts

seeds or bulbs. Then transfer the plants to another pot

or we leave it the same and move them to a brighter place.