Florian Soil 16 Lt

Florian Soil 16 Lt

It is free from parasites and micro-organisms and enriched

with natural Vermiculite. FLORIAN potting soil does not need a lot of water

because it contains ingredients that retain the necessary moisture for plants.

It is combined with all FLORIAN fertilizers – foods, which are ideal for

the enrichment of the soil with the necessary ingredients for the correct

plant growth and health. The soil of the plants is renewed every

two years or so, while replenishing the soil of the pot must

takes place every Fall and Spring.



PLANTING: Fill the pot with FLORIAN potting soil, and place it

plant in the center. Then we fill with topsoil until it is full

the flower pot. Water with a little water.

TRANSPLANTING: We choose a larger pot and place it

plant with the ball of soil it already has. We fill in with the new one

topsoil until it is full and water with a little water.