Florian Iron & Fertilizer 2 in 1 500ml

Florian Iron & Fertilizer 2 in 1 500ml

Fertilizer and Iron together, in a new composition for healthy and live plants, in the garden and on the terrace.

With safety standards of use, it is absorbed directly by the root system of plants and enhances the growth of new shoots and foliage.

The fertilizer will dissolve slowly after each watering, to give the plants the nutrients they need. In just a few days you will see the rejuvenation of plants!



DOSAGE: A full lid of the package is 1 dose.

For small pots 1 dose.

For medium pots 2 doses.

For large pots 4 doses.

A dose for every 10 liters of soil.

For immediate results you can put the fertilizer directly in the soil but away from the trunk of the plant.

To always have strong plants, make sure you fertilize them every 10-15 days or so all year round, except on days with extreme temperatures.

  • Follow the instructions for use and the recommended doses.
  • Keep content out of the reach of children.
  • Store the product at temperatures from 5 – 35 ° C.