Florian Compost 5 Lt

Florian Compost 5 Lt

Florian Compost is the right soil conditioner
for all types of soil.

It is free from parasites and micro-organisms. It helps clay soils (red) to become lighter and have better drainage and sandy soils to retain the necessary moisture, thus reducing water needs.

It can be used for surface use or mixed with the soil. It improves the structure of the soil making it more fertile and fluffy thus contributing to the growth of healthy and more resistant plants.

Application: Application of Florian Compost can be done all year round. Spread a 2-3 cm layer of compost on the ground or in our pots and mix lightly with the soil. We renew the amount of Compost twice a year.



Planting: Spread Florian Compost and mix with the soil to a depth of about 7-10 cm over a period of 2-3 weeks before planting or sowing.

Trees and Shrubs: Pour the Compost around the trunk to a thickness of 2-4 cm and mix it with the soil carefully so as not to injure the roots.

Lawn: In lawn seeding we apply a 4-6 cm layer before planting.

Reinforcement of poor soils: We improve a degraded and poor soil by enriching and mixing it with Florian Compost, on the surface, with a 5-7 cm thick layer which we then integrate into the soil.