Daisy is an evergreen, low-growing shrub with dense vegetation. It blooms profusely from spring to winter and bears flowers in heads (daisies) with peripheral white flowers and a yellow disc. It is sensitive to frost and prefers sunny and well-drained planting sites. Of special decorative value. There are also varieties with pink, yellow and colored flowers. It is a plant sensitive to frost and cold air, while it clearly prefers places with good sunlight in our garden or balcony.



Although in general the daisy is a rather easy plant to grow, there is always the risk of being attacked by mealybugs and aphids. In this case, we should rely on an agronomist to indicate the best way to deal with them or, alternatively, try using some natural-ecological pesticide that we can prepare ourselves.

In the summer months, Margarita requires very regular watering, which we must reduce significantly when the temperatures drop. Also, for its proper development, it is necessary to have planted it in soil with good drainage. It is not enough to water regularly, but at the same time, proper absorption of the water must also take place.

The flowering of Margarita lasts from late spring until autumn. When it completes its cycle, a good pruning helps significantly to renew the plant. Also during its flowering we should regularly cut the flowers that start to wither. This is a movement that significantly helps in the production of new flowers. Regular fertilizing of the plant (about every 2 weeks) using a balanced fertilizer helps with this.