Cosmos is a beautiful annual flower native to the Mexico region with gorgeous blooms in shades ranging from white to deep red. The flowers of the world possess a harmonious symmetry of arrangement of the petals and radiate a calmness and completion which was the reason for giving it the specific name.
The world is an ideal choice to plant in flower beds in our garden as well as to create rock gardens. It can also be planted in pots and planters on our balcony, to generously give us the multicolor of its flowers. The world has no special soil requirements and thrives in even the driest and barren soils as long as they have good drainage.



People don’t need special care. It needs sparse watering and no fertilization is required during growth or flowering. The only thing we pay attention to is its soil, which must have very good drainage so that its delicate roots do not rot. It is worth noting that the world shows great resistance to fungal diseases and insect attacks. As a preventive measure, we can spray with a solution of summer pulp or potassium salt soaps to deal with the attack of the meligra and thrips insects.

It loves dry climates and survives high temperatures without presenting problems in its growth and flowering. The world needs plenty of sun during the day to give us many flowers, so we prefer to plant it in sunny parts of our garden or balcony. However, we must know that people are sensitive to frost, low temperatures and strong north winds. To plant the globe in a pot, we choose nutrient-enriched potting soil containing perlite and pumice to drain water efficiently and place the pot on a south or west-facing balcony.