BIOFYT Soil 12 Lt

BIOFYT Soil 12 Lt

The classic BIOPHYT potting soil, enriched with perlite and pumice stone, is suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Biofyt soil is suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants. It is free from parasites and micro-organisms.
Biofyt topsoil does not need a lot of water because it contains ingredients that
they retain the necessary moisture for the plants. The materials of which it is composed help the smooth drainage of water and the effective absorption of the components of fertilizers.
It is combined with all BIOPHYT fertilizers – foods, which are ideal for enriching the soil with the necessary ingredients for the proper growth and health of plants.
The soil of the plants needs renewal every two years or so, while the
replenishing the soil of the pot must be done in Autumn and Spring.



Place the plant with the
ball of his soil and we add potting soil until the pot is full. Water with a little water.

Fill the pot with BIOFYT soil, sow the seeds or
plant the bulbs and cover them with a little more topsoil.
Water and cover the pot with glass or nylon by placing it in
part shade until the seeds or bulbs germinate.
When they sprout, move the plants to another pot or leave them the same and move them to a brighter place to grow.

COMPOSITION: Greek topsoil – Soil mixture of plant and animal materials,
enriched with perlite.

Color: Brown-Black, Structure: 0.5mm, Density: 180-210kg/m3,
Dry Matter: max 80g/lt, Moisture: 20%-40%, Organic Matter: min 85%,
CEC: min 80, E.C.: 300-700mS/cm
Nitrogen (N): 120-300mg/L, Phosphorus (P): 130-300mg/L, Potassium (K): 550-1000mg/L