BIOFYT Peat 12 Lt

BIOFYT Peat 12 Lt

Peat-based growing medium. Peat, whether blonde or black, helps to trap air, balance the mixture and generally improve the quality of the soil. The blonde has a decisive contribution and use in the process of sowing the lawn, since after milling and the addition of a small amount of mili, the seed is distributed in the mixture and a light layer of peat is placed on it in order not to move and with the appropriate insulation from the sun and the air that offers it to grow easily and properly.



Another application of it is seen in the mixing of soils with the aim of lightening their composition and retaining as much water as possible, so that it proves to be beneficial and not harmful to the plant. Black peat, on the contrary, is widely used in transplanting conifers and generally old plants in pots or flower beds, as it has the ability to hold water inside and release it gradually, creating the appropriate humidity environment around its root , necessary during the first weeks of adaptation.

It is even more ideal for repotting citrus fruits and especially the lemon tree, which needs, like a small tree, the constant coolness and moisture of a soil with particular gravity.

Finally, the combination of both types of peat with an additional small amount of fertilizer in the whole mixture is the most effective and safest soil solution for all plants and flowers, large or small, flowering or not, fruiting or not in pots, flower beds or gardens.