Annual erect plant, with a height of up to one meter, quite hairy. Leaves opposite, growing by nodes, long linear, lanceolate. Beautiful pink five-petalled flowers, with internal black lines. Calyx oval striped, and at its top there are five pointed outgrowths that support the flower. We find it blooming towards the end of spring in grain crops and in semi-mountain meadows.

Cockle is a picky plant. Sow in early May directly into the ground (he doesn’t like transplanting). If the shoots are dense, thin the distance

I leave about 10-15 cm.

Care for the agrostoma is simple: weeding, watering, if there is no rain for a long time.

It doesn’t even need a support – the kidonaki stands firmly on its own “legs”.

If you have set aside a place for planting the puppet next year, do not wait for spring, sow the seeds for the winter.

In this case, the plants will bloom and decorate your garden much earlier.

Faded plants tie the seeds perfectly.



In my garden, the cornflower grows in small groups next to the bushes. Good in the neighborhood with a yellow sting and fern. It looks great with meadows.

In flower bouquets, the puppet is unusually tender, in cut form in water it retains freshness and charm for seven days.