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We believe in the beauty of a green oasis, whether it’s a garden, balcony or indoor potted plants, and we want to inspire
anyone, anywhere, to be able to easily create and maintain their own personal paradise.

Explore our brands and find a wide range of products to help you meet all your garden needs.

BIOFYT Fertilizers

The favorite series of fertilizers!

Whether creating a beautiful flower garden or vegetable garden, using the right fertilizer can help you get the most out of your efforts.

FLORIAN Fertilizers

Colorful Fertilizers!

Because each plant has its own needs, such as gardenias, camellias and roses, special fertilizers in granules or in water-soluble form are their essential food!

BIOFYT Planting Soil

Fertile Planting Soil!

Your plants deserve the best soil and special attention for their good growth! The right choice will support their vitality and flowering!

FLORIAN Planting Soil

Planting soil for all plants!

The good quality of the potting soil is the lever for the growth and survival of your plants, so that they adapt harmoniously to the conditions of their transplanting and growth!

BIOFYT Seeds and Bulbs

The magic of seeds!

What a pleasure to see the first leaves coming out of the ground, blooming flowers that year after year, are more and more numerous. And this magic was born from a seed or bulb!


Fertilizers, Soil, Seeds

A complete line of fertilizers, potting soil, vegetable and flower seeds, Dutch bulbs that meets the requirements of the amateur gardener!

Private Label

For your own Brand!

We are close to you to design and implement your own gardening series, according to your needs, in fertilizers, topsoil, seeds, bulbs!

Gardening tools

For gardening and home!

See in detail gardening tools, technical construction tools and a collection of everyday useful items. Designed for the shelves of Super Markets and DIY Stores.