Our garden is nature itself at our request!

Gardening is a creative activity that combines physical exercise, while also rejuvenating the mind.

It offers joy and well-being to gardening lovers in the same way that poetry and painting inspire!

It is of course more “visible”, because the results of the garden care are seen through the myriad shades of the colors of the flowers and the plants, the special aromas and the harvest of the fruits

After all, who has not admired the shape, color and smell of flowers, green grass, plants and trees in a beautiful and well-kept garden!

We, “participants” of gardening lovers for more than 20 years, produce products for the care and healthy growth of plants as well as products for garden care.

Through years of experience and using technology we produce high quality fertilizers BIOFYT, Florian, Bio Garden, Top Garden that have been loved by gardening lovers but also by amateur growers.

At the same time we produce the special plant soils BIOFYT, Florian, Mega Gardeners that are designed with respect for the origin of the materials, for the processing and of course for the quality.

They have been tested for many years for their effectiveness and are the First Preference for sowing and transplanting plants.

BIOFYT, Primavera, Mega Gardeners vegetable seeds and BIOFYT, Primavera, Mega Gardeners flower seeds are certified and with guaranteed germination, so that we ensure even those who are planting for the first time, the satisfaction of seeing their first plants!

Our products are sold in all supermarkets, as well as in specialty stores with garden items, also in DIY stores, all over Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Italy, Turkey, HAE and in other countries through our representatives.

Thank you for trusting the taste and the first place in our products and we promise to continue to improve and create new useful items for gardening to contribute to the effort for a more prosperous environment!