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Violet, which is also found with the name menexes or katimeri, is one of the first spring flower plants with a characteristic aroma and flowers.

Amaryllis, an autumn flower!

Amaryllis is an autumn planting bulb that gives us impressive flowers at the end of winter. If we want something special for our living room,


Allamanda or Laxative is a climbing shrub, which reaches a height of two to three meters. It comes from Brazil. Indoors it can be developed


Chrysanthemum originates in China and Japan. It is grown in a flowerpot, and its flowers serve to decorate tables and decorate rooms. It can be


Cyclamen is a very popular winter pot plant, in most temperate countries of the world. Its flowers have pink, red, purple, yellowish-purple and white shades.


Pumpkin one would think it was made to give color to the dull days of autumn. The best moment in terms of its maturation is


Poinsettia does not need too much water and it is advisable to water it when its soil is dry. If it is watered excessively, then


Laurel is an evergreen plant whose height reaches up to 10m. It has whitish flowers in spring and leathery sick leaves. Laurel has significant watering


Camellia suffers in warm and dry climates, as well as extreme winter temperatures. It thrives in acidic soil, with good aeration and good drainage. As

How do I plant Vegetable and Flower Seeds?

Create your own vegetable and herb! With a very simple and short but very pleasant process you can create a small vegetable garden even on the balcony!

When should I put fertilizer on the plants?

Plants need nutrients, i.e. Fertilizer, to grow.
Like all living organisms on the planet, plants also need nutrients to grow, bear fruit and bloom.

Secrets for Planting Rose Plant

Planting of rose is done in early autumn to spring, that is, the beginning of November to the end of April. It should be done


The peony genus gathers some species of herbaceous plants and shrubs. Large tubers are planted in soft and fertile soil mixed with a little sand

Aromatic Plants: In what ways can we enrich our garden?

Aromatic plants are characterized by their strong and pleasant smell. Aromatic plants are the plants that contain strong aromatic substances, the essential oils.


The large yellow flowers of the narcissus, resembling trumpets, are among the first spring flowers. The bulbs to bloom in spring should be planted during

A Plant with spectacular flowers!

Kalanchoe is an impressive perennial plant, with spectacular flowers. Its flowering lasts from December to February. The average height of most varieties reaches 30 centimeters.


Plant with its main characteristic trunk and large leaves. Suitable conditions for its proper development and flowering are: a) Lighting should be moderate. At the

Iron and Plants

Iron plays important role in the formation of chlorophyll and for this reason when it is not in sufficient quantity, the leaves of our plants

Aromatic plants, secrets for their propagation!

We can all create aromatic plants easily and economically on our balcony! Most of us prefer to cut small twigs of 10 cm and plant them in small pots.

Loropetalo, secrets for its care!

Loropetalo blooms in spring and is an ideal plant for creating a low fence in the garden. Its leaves are very special due to their unusual burgundy color and its flowers are striking red or fuchsia depending on the variety.


Bougainvillea is a climbing plant that originates from South America. The bract leaves that surround its flowers are the spectacular part of the plant. Bract

Lilac, the characteristics and needs of the plant!

Lilac is a deciduous shrub with a maximum height of 4.5 m. It blooms in the spring with numerous intensely fragrant flowers in purple colors.

Artichoke, secrets for its cultivation!

Artichoke is a perennial vegetable with a special taste that we can use in many ways in our kitchen.


Our favorite rosemary is a perennial, evergreen shrub that reaches up to one and a half meters in height. According to folklore, it took its name


Hibiscus is a plant of Asian origin that belongs to a genus with 150 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. It is a fast-growing

Passion flower, characteristics and needs of the plant!

Passion flower is one of the most popular indoor climbing plants. Lust does not require a large pot for its planting

Aromatic Plants, secrets for drying and storing them!

The cultivation of aromatic plants is not at all difficult and demanding. You can use clay or plastic pots for the balconies, while if you have a garden plant the aromatic plants in rows.

Fig, secrets for its care!

The fig tree is one of the plants that we must never forget to water and its soil must always be moist and it always needs an almost high ambient temperature. Requires bright lighting for good growth.

Orchid, secrets for its care!

Orchids are one of the most eccentric and special types of plants in the world. Many genera and varieties are part of the Orchidaceae family.

Sunflower, characteristics and needs of the plant!

No plant reminds us more… of summer than the “Sun”, which even its name reminds us of this season. The plant literally loves the sun and shows it, as its flowers follow its daily course every day.

Aloe Vera, treatment of brown leaves!

Aloe is a succulent that belongs to the Aloaceae family. It grows excellently in hot and dry climates. A common problem with aloe vera is brown leaves, which shows us that the plant is not growing in a favorable environment.


Hydrangea (Hydrangea spp) is an ornamental plant with wonderful large flowers in various colors such as white, pink and blue. Its flowering lasts from spring

Gardenia, secrets for its care!

Gardenias (Gardenia jasmimoides) are cultivated today as pot plants. Its popularity is due to its large white flowers and its glossy dark green foliage makes it really attractive.

Geraniums, secrets for their care!

They are favorite plants in Greece, but also in the rest of Europe, to decorate balconies and terraces in spring and summer.

Why do the leaves of our plants turn yellow?

The main reason that causes yellowing of leaves is the lack of nutrients in the soil such as the lack of iron, magnesium and nitrogen. Nutrient deficiencies of the above elements are easily treated with the addition of fertilizers.

Indoor plants: Secrets for their care!

For most of us it is a pleasure to have plants in the house. Some indoor plants are: Kentia, Maranda, Pothos, Fig, etc. They have the same needs as plants growing in the garden, except that they usually need higher temperatures and more atmospheric humidity.

Climbing Plants: When do we plant climbing plants in our garden?

Climbing plants are characterized by a long and flexible stem that must lean against a support in order to grow. This type of plant is famous because it is used to cover walls and pergolas.

Garden work in December!

The flowering plants that will be gifted to you this month need enough water throughout their flowering period. Unwrap the paper with which the pots


The days are shorter and the light is less. For this reason, we move the plants that need a lot of light closer to the


We are ramping up fertilization on all plants now that the temperature is a bit cooler. Poinsettias & Patience: It is essential to increase the


We are gradually preparing the indoor plants that we moved to our balcony in the summer, for their return to indoor conditions. We carefully check


Water the pots as often as needed, always checking the soil before watering. The leaves of the plants should not come into contact with the


We water the plants more often, first checking the soil on the surface of the pot. We can “corner” indoor plants that have grown unevenly


Now that the weather is getting warmer and the patio doors are left open for longer, we dust the leaves of the plants more often


Gradually increase the fertilization, within this month you should be fertilizing with the normal doses and the usual frequency. Increase fertilization on rose bushes The


Once our azalea has finished flowering, we should add fertilizer. We cut off all wilting flowers on our plants to encourage the production of new


If you need to repot any of your plants, March is the best month to do it. Do not repot plants that are in bloom,


During February we can change the pots for any plants that need changing. We clean their pots and saucers well so that in the spring


We often check the condition of indoor plants mainly in terms of their need for watering and humidity as the heating dries up. Some plants

Why should the potting soil be fertile?

It is the basis for plant growth, successful seeding of vegetables, for bulbs to sprout the phrase “.and make sure you’re using a good potting


Basil, one of the most popular and beloved aromatic plants. Basil is a powerful natural insect repellent, is an adaptogenic herb that helps reduce cortisol in the body and is one of the most popular herbs of happiness.

Autumn has come and our plants need our care

September is over and the most favorite season of the little gardeners has arrived! Autumn is a “bridge” point between the hot summer season we went through and the low temperatures we are going to encounter.

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